Auto Body Technician

Repairs and/or replaces doors, panels, bumpers, fenders, hoods, including sheet metal, aluminum and fiberglass bodies and other related structures; removes parts from passenger vehicles, trucks and heavy equipment, using wrenches, cutting torch, plasma cutter and pneumatic tools. Welds parts using MIG welder, squeeze type inverted resistance welder, electric, gas and other welding equipment; panel beats parts into normal shape; applies fillers and sealers; featheredges, sands and smooths parts; paints vehicles; reattaches parts onto vehicle by welding, brazing, riveting, bolting, or gluing; fabricates panels and compartments for custom bodies. Aligns and/or replaces structural or mechanical parts damaged in accidents; repairs, aligns and/or replaces damaged frames utilizing frame straightening and repairing equipment as required; insures that these structures are aligned or replaced according to manufacturers’ specification; re assembles parts disengaged prior to the repair. Performs related work as required.


    • the methods, materials, tools, equipment and practices of the auto body repair trade
    • the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the auto body repair trade
    • the basic methods, materials, tools and practices of the automotive mechanic trade
    • metals and metal thickness of materials used by manufacturers (i.e. composites, aluminum, and boron)
    • basic methods of mixing paint, hardeners and reducers


    • the use and care of tools and equipment employed in their auto body repair trade
    • the use of electric, or gas or other welding and brazing equipment
    • the use of frame straightening and aligning equipment


    • align or replace damaged parts according to manufacturers’ specification
    • follow oral and written instructions and/or prepare list of material parts needed for repair
    • apply paint properly
    • understand the job related occupational hazards and safety precautions of the auto body repair trade

Tools Required:

    • Must have own tools, air tools, grinder, reloc wheel, angle grinder, body hammer and vice grips

EXPERIENCE:  2 or more years working in an auto body shop

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